.Architectural Control Committee (ACC) – The Piney-Z ACC helps preserve the harmonious design of our community. All new building plans and plans for external improvements must be approved by the ACC to ensure compliance with the design standards set forth in our Covenants and Restrictions. All requests for ACC approval should be made using the ACC Form and emailed to pineyzacc1@gmail.com.  Alternatively, the form can be mailed to the address on the form.

Standards Committee – The Standards Committee ensures that the Bylaws and Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) are upheld equally throughout the neighborhood.

Mailboxes that are consistent with the requirements prescribed in the Covenants & Restrictions are available locally from First Impressions Home Improvements at 766-5687. Please contact Frank Richardson for the current cost of the post and mailbox with or without installation by First Impressions Home Improvements.  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS OF HOA-COMPLIANT MAILBOXES.

An acceptable alternative mailbox post, that is probably cheaper, can be purchased through Amazon.com.  The item is Special Lite SPK-600-BLK Ashland Decorative Mailbox Post

​Brass numbers for mailboxes are available at home improvement stores. Homeowners who wish to replace the mailbox, but not the post, may install a black one that meets postal regulations, which are available at home improvement stores.

Appeals Committee – The Piney-Z Appeals Committee reviews second notices of violation letters sent by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and the Standards Committee.  They determine the validity of the violation in accordance with our Covenants & Restrictions and approve the Board’s assessment of any applicable fines to the homeowner.

Appeals Committee Hearing Procedure can be found here.

Social Committee – The Piney-Z Social Committee has been busy planning events for Piney-Z residents!  As information becomes available, events will be posted here.  Also watch for upcoming events on Facebook, NextDoor, and in newsletters!

Landscape Committee – The Landscaping Committee makes recommendations to the Board for landscaping improvements that will enhance the appearance of our community.

  • Chair:  Rusty Pfost
  • Contact:  fsu77gt@juno.com
  • Members:  Cynthia Saginario, Dee Orgaz and Mary Whelan


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