Ever wonder what to do if a street light near your house is out, a large pot hole appears on your street, a street sign is down/damaged, your electricity is out?  The City of Tallahassee has an app called DigiTally that can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet.  This app lets you report issues such as these, check on utility outages, etc.  We have found the city to be very responsive to requests and questions submitted through this app.


Piney Z’s residential trash and recycling day is MONDAY, unless there is a holiday which might cause a delay. You can find notices of pickup disruptions on the City of Tallahassee website.  Trash and recycling containers may be placed at the curb no earlier than the day before the pickup day and need to be removed from the curb no later than the day following pickup. 

Piney Z’s yard waste and bulk pick up is on FRIDAY of BLUE weeks, unless there is a holiday which might cause a delay.  You can find the 2023 Red/Blue Week Calendar here.  Bulky items and yard waste should be placed at the curb no sooner than the weekend before your pickup date.


Eagle Habitat Restrictions October 1 – May 15

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