Calling all parents and grandparents of little ones! The HOA Board needs your assistance to help plan and carry out this fun athletic competition for our community children. We are looking for a fall Saturday (not local college home game days!) to run the contest for toddlers to age 10. Grandchildren of residents are invited to participate also. Some ideas are a Twenty-Five Yard Dash (backward and shortened for smaller kids), Shot Put becomes a softball toss, Discus Throw is throwing a Frisbee, Javelin Throw is tossing straws, Swimming Relay becomes running with a cup of water, etc. I feel sure we have interested parents/grandparents plus some teachers in this community who might be willing to lend a hand and their knowledge. This is a great opportunity for our neighborhood teenagers to get involved by running the competitions. Can we all come together to support this effort to showcase our young citizens in a morning of fun competitions? Once the events and rules are established, we will publicize them so parents can start training sessions. Work on that running backwards thing!

Please contact Cindy Saginario at to “jump” on board!