HOA assessments are due October 1 of each year.  Late fees will be charged for those assessments not received by November 1.  Residents/owners will receive a statement of assessments due in September.

Assessments are collected by our property management company, Lewis Association Property Management, LLC.  Payments may be mailed to or dropped off at Lewis (see contact information at the bottom of the page) or paid online at the AppFolio portal.  AppFolio is an online portal for residents to view and pay assessments and submit requests to the Architectural Control Committee.  To sign up to use AppFolio, please email Lewis Association at lewis@lewispm.com and request a link to the AppFolio website.

Please do not drop off assessment payments at the Lodge.  The HOA does not have an office at the Lodge.  For billing issues or to request an invoice or statement, please email lewis@lewispm.com or call 850-668-1173.  Be sure to include your address in the email.