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Piney-Z Amenities

Diving Courses Offered this Summer

Diving courses will be offered June 16-July 14 and August 11-September 13 at Piney-Z Lodge and Pool.  Learn More »

The Piney-Z LodgeThe CDD governs and maintains the Piney-Z amenities we enjoy, including the Lodge, Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Pavilion, Playground and Gazebo Park, and various common areas. These areas are available to residents and pass holders to reserve for private events. Reservations are made through the Property Manager. A pass holder is a non-resident who pays an annual fee to use the Piney-Z Amenities, and members of that pass holder's household.

The Amenities Access Key Fob is required to access the pool and fitness center. Key Fobs are available from the Property Manager.

  Rules of the Piney-Z Community Development District (PDF)

Learn more about the Key Fob (PDF)

The Lafayette Heritage Trail Park is not part of the Piney-Z amenities maintained by the CDD. Anyone interested in holding a private event at the park should contact Tallahassee Parks and Recreation at 891-FUNN (3866) to obtain a Park Permit and instructions. This should be done at least two weeks prior to the event. No alcohol or ground fires permitted.

Rental Information

Reservations for the amenities facilities are made on a first come, first served basis. Due to the demand for the Lodge and Pavilion, reservations shall be limited to no more then one per month. However, if the facilities have not been reserved two weeks before a second requested date within that same month, they may be reserved again within the same month.

The resident or pass holder reserving the Lodge/Pavilion/Pool is responsible for the actions of all guests and must be present at all times while the Lodge/Pavilion/Pool is occupied. The Condition of the Lodge/Pavilion/Pool must be returned to its original condition immediately following the event. Violations of these regulations can result in shutting down the event and loss of privileges of the resident or pass holder to use the Lodge/Pavilion/Pool. There should always be an adult (25 years or older) present at all gatherings for those under the age of 18.

Use of any items, such as tables and chairs, must be arranged through the Property Manager and must be indicated on the reservation form. All equipment that is kept in the Lodge/Pavilion/Pool Area must be cleaned and put away in designated areas.

Reservation of the Lodge/Pavilion shall be limited to no more then six hours per function. The pool can be reserved for Friday/Saturday/Sunday events from 8:30pm-11:00pm during pool season. Functions may last no later than midnight except for New Year's Eve and other events that traditionally extend beyond midnight.

Amenities Reservation Forms are available from the Property Manager.

Amenities Rental Fees (PDF)

The Lodge

Lodge InteriorThe Lodge features hardwood floors, a kitchen, and restroom facilities. Maximum occupancy is 111.

A limited number of tables, chairs, and kitchen/cleaning supplies are available for no additional cost. Events are considered "carry in-carry out", meaning you bring everything you will need for your event (food, utensils, supplies, decorations, table cloths, etc.) and take it away when you leave.

Lodge InteriorThe number of tables and chairs you requested on the form will be placed in the area you reserved for you to set-up as you please. You are responsible for completely cleaning the facility and returning it to the same condition in which you found it, (sweep, mop if needed, clean kitchen, etc.) including folding the chairs and stacking tables where you found them.

Trash must be bagged and tied, carried out the front door to the dumpster behind the garage. Cleaning supplies, broom, mop, and trash bags are provided.

Lodge InteriorYour Damage/Cleaning fee will be used if any damage is found, if the facility is not left clean, or if the contract was not followed. You will also be charged a second Use Fee if your event goes past six hours without approval from the Property Manager.

You must check out a key from the Property Manager before the event and return it within 48 hours of the event. Failure to return the key will require us to re-key the facility and make new keys at your expense. It could result in loss of your entire deposit. You are also responsible for reporting the correct number of participants who attend your event and paying additional fees if more attend then you originally reported at the time of reservation.

Swim Lessons

Summer swim lessons begin June 9 at Piney-Z Pool. There will be three sessions: June 9 – June 19, June 23 – July 3, and July 7 – July 17. Cost is $75.00 per student. The course length is 8 days for 40 minutes per day. The classes take place from Monday through Thursday, with the make-up day on Friday. You may register any time the pool is open. A registration sheet will be on the sign-in table at the pool. Make payment the first day of the session. More information is in the swim lessons flier (PDF).

Swimming Pool

The Piney-Z Swimming PoolThe pool can be reserved for Friday/Saturday/Sunday events from 8:30pm-11:00pm during pool season. Lifeguards for the event are required at an additional cost. Maximum occupancy is 108. Learn how the swimming pool schedule is determined.

2015 Swimming Pool Season    Download the Pool Schedule Flyer (PDF)

All times are weather-permitting and subject to minor adjustments allowed in the rules.

June 2 (end of school year) through August 16
Daily 10:00am unitl 8:30pm

August 17 through September 27

Monday through Friday 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 8:00pm
Labor Day:  10:00am to 8:00pm (Adult Swim 9:00am to 10:00am)

October: (3, 4, 10, 11) first two weekends in October
Saturdays and Sundays Only: 10:00am until 8:00pm

Pool closes for the season after October 11

Supervision Policy: Children aged 14 and under must be accompanied at all times by a parent, legal guardian, or specific designated adult. If your child is 14 or under please do not leave them at the pool unsupervised. When this occurs the guards are instructed to have them sit out until the parents can be located.

 We hope Piney-Z residents will enjoy the pool during swim season. The pool rules and regulations and information describing how the schedule was determined can be found on the website and in the Rules of the Piney-Z Community Development District (PDF). The Booklets are available at the CDD office. We hope everyone will agree that the rules are necessary and required, especially for the swimming pool.

If you plan to use the pool please read all the rules and be supportive of our trained lifeguards. They have spent numerous hours in training and orientation. We have an arrangement with Alan Cox Aquatics who trains and places guards at several local pools. A minimum of two guards must be scheduled to work in order for us to open the pool. They are employed to provide emergency rescue, and help make sure all the rules are followed.

NOTE: The CDD Regulations permit the CDD Management to sponsor pool-based aquatic programming during certain hours. These activities may include, but are not limited to, children's swim lessons and recreational swim times, and adult water aerobics. An example: You may see a group of day camp community children swimming certain weekday mornings who arrive by bus. That would be a CDD sponsored program and they will have paid a fee.

Food/Smoking/Alcolhol: No food, smoking or alcohol is allowed in the enclosed pool area. Water, soft drinks and juice are permitted if brought in a plastic bottle. Picnic tables are provided outside of the pool area where you can enjoy any food that you wish to bring.

Pool Closings: The pool schedule is weather permitting. Closure of the pool is required for certain periods of time each time thunder or lightning occurs. The pool can also be closed unexpectedly for other reasons such as chemical problems, lifeguard illness, etc. It is trespassing to enter the pool area when it is closed or lifeguards are not present. Complete CDD rules for the pool are available in the Rules of the Piney-Z Community Development District (PDF) or at the CDD office. All residents, property owners, and pass holders must register as an amenities member and obtain a key fob from the CDD Property Manager in order to use the pool. 

Key Fob Access to Pool: All Piney-Z Residents and Property Owners must register as an amenities member and obtain a key fob from the CDD Property Manager to use the pool. Call his office at 850-656-4007 to make an appointment to register for your fob. Bring your Driver’s License or Picture ID and Proof of Residency. Only residents, property owners and pass holders (fee for pass holder) who have registered for a fob and members of their household are permitted in the pool area. Each registered household can bring up to 4 guests with them to the pool. Giving your key fob to someone not registered to use the pool is strictly prohibited.

Red Cross Swim Lessons: Again this summer the Red Cross Learn to Swim Lessons for Children will be offered through our arrangement with Alan Cox Aquatics. Sessions usually begin in early June and continue through mid-August. The sessions take place Monday through Thursday over a two week period. Fridays are reserved for make-up sessions in case of bad weather. Tuition per session / per child is $65.00 for Piney-Z residents and Property Owners and $75.00 for all others. Registration begins in May. Register at the pool with the lifeguards anytime the pool is open.

Adult Swim: The CDD Rules allow for reasonable time periods for adult swim. The exact times are decided by the Property Manager after the pool season is underway and the best times are determined for those likely to be involved. Also, lifeguards must be secured to work these special times. Only those 18 and older will be allowed in the enclosed pool area during Adult Swim times. The “No alcohol” rule still applies during these times. In 2014 Adult Swim is tentatively scheduled for Mondays and Fridays only from 9:00am until 10:30am, May 26 through September 29.

Have Your Own Pool Party:  As a Piney-Z resident you can schedule a private pool party for a fee. This has mainly been of interest for residents wanting to have an adult luau or pool party since it has to occur after resident swim on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night from 8:30pm until 11:00pm. Resident swim ends at 8:30pm.  For example, you could rent the pavilion for a late afternoon cookout then head to the pool for a swim party from 8:30pm until 11:00pm. Both areas have fees and policies and pool rules apply. Piney-Z lifeguards are required at the resident’s expense. For more details contact the Property Manager. 

Pool Rules (PDF)

Fitness Center

The Piney-Z Fitness Center

An Amenities Access Key Fob is required for entry into the Fitness Center, which is open from 5:00am to 10:00pm daily. Attempting to enter the Fitness Center outside of operating hours will set off the alarm. Please help us take care of the Fitness Center and make visits more pleasant for everyone by following the Fitness Center Rules below. Failure to comply with rules could result in loss of amenity privileges.

Fitness Center Rules

  1. Equipment must be used in an appropriate and safe manner.
  2. Use of exercise equipment is at the users’ own risk. The CDD is not responsible for injuries incurred by anyone in the Fitness Center.
  3. The Fitness Center is only available to Residents, Pass Holders and their guests. Guests are limited to two per Resident or Pass Holder and must be accompanied by the Resident or Pass Holder.
  4. Children age 15 and under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or legal guardian.
    Children age 11 and under are not allowed in exercise areas or near the equipment and must remain in the designated children’s play area while parents are exercising.
  5. Food and beverages, except for bottled water, are not permitted around the exercise equipment or while operating any equipment.
  6. The CDD is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the Fitness Center. Lockers are available only while use of the fitness area is engaged.
  7. Use equipment only as it was intended to be used. If something is jammed, sounds peculiar, or is not functioning correctly do not use it. Broken equipment takes time to repair and costs you money through the assessments. Help us take care of it.
  8. Report any broken equipment, concerns, or suggestions to the Property Manager. The office is in the Lodge. Phone: 656-4007 A message drop box is located to the left of the front door of Lodge.
  9. Wipe shoes before entering.
  10. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  11. When you sweat on the equipment, wipe it off.
  12. Please keep TV volume to a moderate level. Remember there may be a meeting or event taking place in the Lodge above the Fitness Center.
  13. Please be sure to close the door securely after entering and leaving the Fitness Center.
  14. Help us keep the Fitness Center, locker area, restroom and children’s area clean. We have a limited part-time maintenance staff and would appreciate your help.
  15. Although not a rule we recommend that you do not use the Fitness Center alone.


The Piney-Z PavilionThe Pavilion provides a great setting for large or small parties who want to have cookouts and picnics. The Pavilion is open air, and has lighting, ceiling fans, plenty of electric outlets, a serving bar with sink, and restrooms.

Pavilion Rental Information (PDF)


Playground and Gazebo Park

The Piney-Z PlaygroundThe Playground and Gazebo are located beside the Lodge, and are available for use by Piney-Z Residents and pass holders.