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October Events in Piney-Z

In case you did not see the events calendar in the HOA's September newsletter, please mark these events on your calendar for October:

Piney-Z Garage Sale, Saturday, Oct. 8 from 7 am to noon.  The HOA advertises the event in the Tallahassee Democrat, and posts signs at the 3 entrances to advertise the semi-annual neighborhood Garage Sale.  You hold your own sale on your property.

Piney-Z Bar-B-Q, Saturday, Oct. 22 from 5 to 7 pm at the Pavilion.  The HOA hosts this event, which is catered by Sonny’s.  We also have a balloon-twister for the kids.  An R.S.V.P. was included in your September newsletter, and is due by Oct. 14.  If you don’t have the invitation, you will need to email your last name, address, number of adults and number of children under 10 who will attend, your email address and send to  The Bar-B-Q is for residents only.  Watch for any changes to location due to the damage at the pavilion during the hurricane.

Bingo Night, Thursday, Oct. 27, 7 pm at the Lodge.  Cards will be for sale (cash only), beverages and light snacks furnished by the HOA.  No children under 18 allowed.  

Sept.27th HOA Board Meeting 

The HOA Board meeting, scheduled for Tuesday Sept. 20 at 6 pm, was re-scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 27,  at 6 pm at the Lodge.  

Change to Mowing Schedule in Piney-Z

Due to the extreme weather we are experiencing in Tallahassee, the HOA Board of Directors has given permission to John Hurst to begin mowing within the neighborhood at 7am, in order to give his workers some respite from the very high temperatures.  We have asked that they begin in some of the common areas, and the roundabouts, before they mow areas close to homes.  However, at that time in the morning, the mowers will probably still be heard by some residents who may reside close by.
Hurst and his men will also be allowed to begin “quiet” work such as weeding, at sunrise. They will go back to normal hours, after the heat has dissipated, later in the season.

We know there may be some residents who are not happy with this short-term arrangement, but we ask you to be mindful of the safety and health of the people who must work in this heat and humidity all day long.

City of Tallahassee Leash Law

We would like to remind our residents that the City of Tallahassee has a leash law which reads:
Section 4­103. Animals at large. (a) The owner or custodian of an animal shall prevent such animal from running or remaining at large on any public street, road, alley, park or other public space.
If you walk your dog in Piney-Z, it should be on a leash in order to not cause another resident to become fearful of walking, biking, running, etc. while the dog is loose.  If you would like your dog to run without a leash, please use the Off-Leash Dog Runs in Tom Brown Park.

 If you see a dog that is unattended and off-leash, you must call Tallahassee Animal Services at (850) 891-2950 to report the problem.  

Exercise Classes at the Lodge

Looking for a convenient exercise location?  FUNctional Fitness classes are currently happening in the lodge on Monday and Wednesday at 8:00AM and on Friday's at 9:00AM.  Classes cost $5 each.  Please bring a mat and 3 lbs or 5 lbs weights.  For more details please contact Laura Kitchens at

Trash Can Storage

The covenants require trash cans to be stored so that they cannot be seen from the street. Many homes are not in compliance. If you store your cans on the side of the house, they must be in an enclosure to prevent viewing from the street.

Street Light Outages

The City of Tallahassee has requested that a person living near the street light outage report it to the city. To report an outage, please call the City at 891-4968.

Doggone It--Your Neighbors Want Consideration

We still get regular complaints from Piney-Z residents about other residents allowing their dogs to leave their droppings in their yards. No one wants dog droppings in their yard or in front of their mailbox. So, what is the proper thing to do when you walk your dog.

  1. Walk your dog on a leash.
  2. Take a plastic bag with you, such as a plastic grocery bag or waste disposal bags from the pet store.
  3. When your dog deposits droppings on the ground, with your hand inside the bag, pick up the droppings and turn the bag inside out trapping the droppings inside. Tie the bag shut. Your hands remain clean. Another option is to bring a scoop with you.
  4. Finish your walk and take the bag home and throw it away in your trash.
  5. Especially do not leave droppings on the CDD amenities grounds or children's playground and gazebo area.

The HOA and CDD staff, Boards, or Committees cannot be involved with concerns or actual disputes between residents over dog droppings, barking dogs, escaped pets and such. We can only advise you to discuss it with your neighbor, call animal control, or perhaps even the health department if you are tired of finding dog waste on your property.

Tree and Limb Issues

Approval for Planting or Removing Trees—The Covenants and Restrictions dictate the rules and conditions related to tree planting or removal. To receive approval for tree planting or removal, contact Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Contact information is on the committee page. The ACC is a committee of the HOA.

Concern about a Tree or Limbs Hanging Over Your Home or Property—The CDD and HOA do not provide tree cutting services for Piney-Z residents or property owners who have concerns about trees or limbs. Trees in HOA Common Areas that have limbs hanging over a resident's property or home will rarely be removed. This was discussed and researched in 2003. It was determined that the owner of the tree does not bear the responsibility for trimming branches that overhang someone else's property, but the homeowner has the right to protect their property by having the tree limbs removed at their cost. Homeowners wishing to cut limbs or remove trees at their expense should consult with the ACC committee to determine if their plan complies with the Covenants and Restrictions, and to ensure that trees are not cut without cause. CDD Board research indicates that this is consistent with Florida law and City of Tallahassee policy.